Thursday, June 11

Minimalista Mama has been Missing In Action since 2014!!!


I'm sure you've noticed that I've been Missing In Action (M.I.A) for all of 2015, with my last post right before the new year. Last year I used the time when people make resolutions to make ONE RESOLUTION or better yet, not a resolution, but a MANTRA for 2015. And that Mantra was: FOCUS.

FOCUS. Focusing on my goals. Focusing on my family. Focusing on my present life. Too much of my time was spent either rehashing the past or looking to far into the future and the result of that was an underlying anxiety in the present.

"Unease, anxiety, tension, stress, worry - all forms of fear - are caused by too much future, and not enough presence." - Eckhart Tolle [TWEET THIS]Tweet:

So, that's what I've been doing for the past six months. Focusing. And now I think it's time to get back to blogging. To share some of what I've found during my 6mth Journey of Focus as well as documenting my life long journey being a Minimalista Mama.

Tuesday, December 30

52 Changes - Change 5: Identify Your Essentials

For this upcoming week, I will be doing Change 5: Identify Your Essentials

THE CHANGE: Make a short list of the things that are most important to you.

WHY: The first rule of simplifying is to identify the essential, what you love, what is important to you — and then cut out all the rest that distracts you and keeps you from doing what’s important. We have so much stu" in our lives, from possessions to things we need to do to information coming in to visual and emotional clutter, that we are overloaded. The result? We end up doing a lot of things that aren’t really important to us, because we have so much other stuff to do that has crept into our lives and that we leave in our lives, unexamined.

  1. On Day 1 of this week, make a list of all the things you do in your life, all your commitments, as well as the things you wish you did (things you really love but don’t have time for). This is your long list.
  2. On Day 2, pick the top 4-5 things from the long list. Just the things you love most. This is your short list. (My short list: writing/helping people, reading, running/exercise, and my family. Not in that order.)
  3. On Day 3, figure out which of the things you do these days are on your short list, and which aren’t.
  4. On Day 4, consider sending an email or making a call to get out of something that you do that isn’t on your short list, even if it seems fairly important. Will life go on if you cancel the commitment? Is it worth canceling so that you can have space for your short list items?
  5. On Day 5, schedule a block of time in your calendar for something that’s on your short list that you don’t have enough time for. Consider this appointment sacred.

52 Changes: Change 4 Results - Flexible Mind

I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday (if you celebrate). Sorry, I'm late on last week's 52 Changes Challenge. 

Today I will be reviewing last week's change, Change 4: Flexible Mind.

THE CHANGE: Learn to develop a flexible mind with small practices.

HOW'D I DO?: I think I did pretty well, but I also think that I did well because it was the holiday season. It's easier to be in good spirits and dwell on positivity during such a positive time of the year. The real test will be my ability to do this throughout the year and everyday of my life.

WILL I KEEP THIS CHANGE? Yes! This is the goal of my life to always have a flexible mind and to live with grace.

I'm starting my new year a little early, by implementing Leo Babauta's book 52 Changes starting this week. 52 Changes is a guide to making one change a week, with 52 changes recommend by Leo and a plan for each. You can start anytime of the year and you can start in the order of the changes or in any order you choose. Interested in making a change? You can read more and buy Leo's book HERE (for only $10)


At the end of each week on Sunday, I will post an entry on my change for that week. How it felt, how I did, and whether it's a change I'll be incorporating for life.

*There are no affiliate links in this post.

Tuesday, December 23

52 Changes - Change 4: Flexible Mind

For this upcoming week, I will be doing Change 4: Flexible Mind

THE CHANGE:  Learn to develop a flexible mind with small practices.
WHY: The root cause of frustration, irritation, anger, sadness is an inflexible mind - one that wants to hold onto the way we wish things were, the ideas we're comfortable with. When things don't go this way, we are then frustrated, angry, sad.

So developing a flexible mind is a way to be open to anything, happy with change, prepared for any situation. Think about it: if there's a major disruption in your life, it's only a bad thing because you're holding onto the way you wish things could be, what you're comfortable with. If you let fo of that wish, the change isn't bad. It's just different, and in fact it could be good if you embrace it and see the opportunity.

It's about developing the ability to cope with change, to be flexible, to simplify.


  1. Make a commitment, for one week, to try to let go of what you’re holding onto when you get irritated, frustrated, sad, etc.
  2. Make a list of the things that trigger these emotions — being interrupted, someone cutting you off in traffic, someone being loud when you’re trying to work, people not washing their dishes, etc.
  3. Create reminders for when those triggers happen — paper notes, a bead bracelet, something written on your hand, a sign on your car’s dashboard, etc.
  4. When the trigger happens, pause. Notice the emotion rising. Feel it, but don’t act. Breathe.
  5. Try to see what you’re holding onto — wishing the driver would be more polite, wishing you could do what you were doing without interruptions, wishing other people would be perfect in cleaning up after themselves.  These wishes are fantasies — let them go. Be open to the way things are, to changes that have happened. Breathe, open your heart, accept.
  6. Now respond appropriately, without wishing things were different, with compassion.

Repeat however many times you like during the week, or a minimum of once a day.

Please note that you will not be perfect at this when you start. It’s a difficult skill to learn, because we have emotional patterns that have built up over the years. It’s good enough to become more aware of it, and to attempt this method once a day. Be flexible in your desire to get this exactly right. Practice it when you remember for the rest of the year.

Personal Note: I know this is going to be a hard one for me because it's one of my biggest "flaws", but I am excited to see how I do with this and hope to keep this practice in my life.
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